5G Radio Connection Improvements

How does #5G improve connection quality? Today let me discuss two mechanics: Dual Connectivity and Flexible numerology.

Dual connectivity is especially required at the start-up of 5G. Its coverage will be expanded gradually and for sure there will be places where:
- #4g is quite common and the connection is more reliable
- #5G coverage is spotty but could ensure higher throughput
Simultaneous connection to both 4G & 5G will provide a fast & robust connection.

In wireless transmission, symbol duration needs to be chosen wisely. It needs to be:
- much greater than delay spread caused by various signal paths,
- much smaller than the duration of the same channel condition (coherency time).
5G introduces the flexibility of setting this parameter. Time of symbol and OFDM subcarrier spacing could be changed and thus the connection could be adjusted. This is called Flexible numerology.



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