5G — why do we need it?

Obviously for higher throughput — to watch VR movies, work remotely, upload more cat videos, and scroll more pages on Facebook & TikTok everywhere!

However, 5G standard also prepares grounds for #human2machine and #machine2machine communication. This includes applications of mobile connectivity in #smarthome, #medicine, #industry and enables moving it to the #cloud. Yes, we are living in times where not only humans communicate wirelessly!

Another factor that stands out 5G connections is the latency. If we want to remotely control a surgery robot or autonomous car we need to have a very little delay in communication. 5G focuses also on this aspect.

Last but not least is battery usage. Because of a growing need in remote sensing, we need a standard that will have good coverage and low power consumption. 5G is trying to become the first universal wireless communication standard to deal with that need.

To sum up, the application of 5G should be limited not only to humans but only by our imagination. Feel free to share your thoughts about the topic and stay tuned for more technical details of 5G.



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